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MB61 Hawser Mooring Buoy

For decades, NPL has manufactured some of the largest hardshell navigational buoys which have been utilized by coast guards throughout the world. Drawing upon that experience and knowledge we have created a line of polyethylene buoys that offer high visibility, durable materials, and superior connections for securement. Our mooring buoys are designed to meet federal requirements and reduce deployment costs. They come with a galvanized rod or hawser style chain attachment option.

When you purchase a MB 61 Hawser Buoy from Copper Island Diving Ltd, you get the buoy, installation, excellent customer service, and decades of local Shuswap Lake knowledge.

Starting at $480 plus taxes


Part Name MB 61 – Hawser
Height 23 1/2″ /  597 mm
Diameter 23″  / 610 mm
Air Weight 16 lbs  / 7 kg
Total Displacement 266 lbs / 120 L
Wall Thickness 1/5″ /  5 mm
Material Used Polyethylene, EPS Foam


Optional Items Custom graphics, colours, reflective branding
Standard Items EPS Foam Filled
Colour Options Transport Canada Compliance, U.S. Coast Guard Compliance, Custom Colours
Air Weight 16 lbs  / 7 kg
Total Displacement 266 lbs / 120 L
Wall Thickness 1/5″ /  5 mm
Material Used Polyethylene, EPS Foam
How long will my private buoy last?2022-05-10T20:14:34+00:00

The life expectancy of a private mooring buoy is 15+ years when they are properly maintained in good weather conditions. Flooding and storms are the most common ways your buoy can be damaged.

How do I maintain a mooring buoy?2022-05-10T19:31:37+00:00

Mooring buoys require the attention and care that is not always needed when the boat is moored at a marina. Each mooring ball needs to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in good working condition.

To maintain your private buoy, it is important to check every chain for rust and marine deterioration. Every shackle must be examined in the same fashion. All fiber lines should be kept free of sand and should be replaced if frayed parts are visible.

Where can I learn more about mooring buoys?2022-05-10T18:53:25+00:00
Can I install my own buoy?2022-05-10T18:51:53+00:00

If it is your first time owning a private buoy, we reccommend hiring Copper Island Diving Ltd. for installation. When you use a local service, you get great customer service and local knowledge!

Are buoys installed by Copper Island Diving Ltd. approved by Transport Canada?2022-05-10T18:29:06+00:00

Yes! All private buoys installed by Copper Island Diving Ltd. follows regulations in the Canada Shipping Act.

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