Commercial Diving Services

With over three decades of experience in the commercial diving industry, Copper Island Diving Ltd. can take on any task and deliver a successful outcome. The team has completed projects ranging from inspecting sunken wrecks and tagging sea turtles to installing docks and buoys. We provide service across Western Canada.


Dock Inspection & Repair

We inspect boat lifts for operation and condition. This means examining the cables, motor, and other components.We inspect the general structure of the seawall and dock. We include our recommendations to extend the life and report on the condition.We will inspect for safety, the pilings, decay, wraps, and the overall condition including evidence of previous repairs.

Anchor Inspection

Ship anchor maintenance and class inspections are a requirement for vessel operations. Commercial Diving Services can provide efficient surface support equipment consisting of road transportable modular barges that are capable of supporting anchor and chain during the inspection and maintenance process. Our work vessels can also provide assistance with replacement or servicing of main anchor and chain. Having expert experience in ship anchor maintenance and inspection services you can be assured of our professionalism and safety.

Cable Inspection & Repair

Canpac Marine offers comprehensive submarine cable related services; including the installation, maintenance and repairs to the subsea power, telecommunication, and inter-array cable networks. Since 1980, Canpac Marine has worked on hundreds of cable networks and gained substantial experience working in near shore shallow water and deep-water coastal environments.

Buoy Installation

Buoy installation for marinas

Water Intake Systems & Pumps

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